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Betrayals in Entrails

von Arthur L'Strange
Auflage 1. Auflage
338 Seiten
2020 The Nameless Publisher
ISBN 9780473383619

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<p>My first collection of seven original horror stories. None have been published anywhere else. All are available separately on Kobo (or see the Arthur L&rsquo;Strange Horror Writer N.Z. facebook page) &nbsp;if you just want a nibble. All are R18.<br />
I recommend reading them in order.<br />
1. SOPHIE - Four-year-old Sophie wakes up to find part of her body has changed...<br />
2. &quot;...AND WE&#39;LL SHUT THE DOOR ON THE WORLD...&quot; - In the near future, the land is dying... Kyle Sommers is a stressed, workaholic scientist who could have helped, but for all the bureaucracy and red tape. This is the story of his efforts in letting the earth go its own way, and putting his family first.<br />
3. CHITIN - During an altercation with a school bully in his science field trip, seventeen-year-old Kevin is pushed into a shelf of insect enclosures and gets covered in cockroaches. He is unpleasantly surprised to find there are long term effects.<br />
4. FULTON BOGAN - I woke up one day to see bogans had taken over the world.<br />
5. WHERE I GET MY IDEAS FROM - An author goes mad in the woods...<br />
6. THE SPORKING - A man not quite in a coma can hear and feel what goes on in the hospital around him.<br />
7. WHERE I REALLY GET MY IDEAS FROM - A few nights in the life of yours truly. A talk, a date, a dinner.<br />
R18 Contains coarse language, chain-smoking, binge drinking, gore, geriatricide, sadism, blasphemy, sexual themes, sexual violence, normal violence, abnormal violence, violence against insects, arthrophilia, literary arrogance, ranting about themes and cliches, and me pretending I&#39;m a celebrity ... the kitchen sink...<br />
All up 120,000 words approx.<br />

<p>Contents</p><p>1. Sophie</p><p>2. &quot;... And We&#39;ll Shut the Door on the World...&quot;</p><p>3. Chitin</p><p>4. Fulton Bogan</p><p>5. Where I Get My Ideas From</p><p>6. The Sporking</p><p>7. Where I Really Get My Ideas From</p><p>ARTHUR L&#39;STRANGE THANKS NO-ONE</p>