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Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense

Vol. 2 No. 2 (Fall 2019)

von Christine Lucas
Auflage 1. Auflage
126 Seiten
2019 Cirsova Publishing
ISBN 9781949313246

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<p><strong>A Little Human Ingenuity</strong></p><p>By WILLIAM HUGGINS</p><p><em>The Rake, the last great champion of the Game&mdash;a bloodsport recreating mankind&rsquo;s battles against alien foes&mdash;is given an opportunity to face those old foes once again!</em></p><p><strong>The Burning Fish</strong></p><p>By JIM BREYFOGLE</p><p><em>Seeking out the Burning Fish for a client, Mangos and Kat instead find a strange cult of folk devoted to a simple life&mdash;who would kill before giving up their secrets!</em></p><p><strong>For I Have Felt a Fire in the Head</strong></p><p>By ADRIAN SIMMONS</p><p><em>Irish prince Maenach MacScannal faces the hordes of the Danes on the bloody fields of mag s&eacute; liathdaimh, armed with his faith and his blade, Takes-The-Hand!</em></p><p><strong>La Molejera</strong></p><p>By MARIE BRENNAN</p><p><em>An anthropologist seeks to solve the mystery of Chalchihuitlan&rsquo;s &ldquo;grinding woman.&rdquo; What&rsquo;s her significance? What is it that she grinds? For what does she wait?!</em></p><p><strong>Pale Moon&rsquo;s Bride</strong></p><p>By VILLE MERIL&Auml;INEN</p><p><em>Her parents have been driven to madness, and her siblings are dead by their own hand&mdash;what unearthly curse has afflicted Amanda Corrine Dubois&rsquo; family?!</em></p><p><strong>Pawn to the Queen</strong></p><p>By CHRISTINE LUCAS</p><p><em>At his mentor&rsquo;s dying request, the High Priest of Anubis must right a dreadful wrong&mdash;recover and return the canopic jars of Queen Tetisheri to end a curse!</em></p><p><strong>People of Fire</strong></p><p>By JENNIFER R. POVEY</p><p><em>A sinkhole swallows a research expedition in Siberia, and only one woman survives! Beneath the earth&rsquo;s crust, in halls of fire, Peri finds a lost civilization!</em></p><p><strong>Blue-Like-The-Sky</strong></p><p>By SPENCER E. HART</p><p><em>Slayer-Of-Wolf&rsquo;s hunting party is alarmed when a mysterious fire falls from the sky&mdash;stranger still is the mysterious blue woman he finds where the fire has landed!</em></p><p><strong>Doomsday Shard</strong></p><p>By KEN MCGRATH</p><p><em>Serenity Deadline has been hired to jack the Doomsday Shard, a deadly piece of hardware that could end the world&mdash;but she&rsquo;s not the only woman after it!</em></p><p><strong>Titan</strong></p><p>By REBECCA DEVENDRA</p><p><em>The colonists of Titan have been a fierce and independent lot since breaking away from Earth&mdash;some with a grudge might even resort to murder to stay independent!</em></p><p><strong>The Handover of the Scepter of Greatest Regret</strong></p><p>By HAL Y. ZHANG</p><p><em>The war and killing is finally over, and all that&rsquo;s left is the ceremony to commemorate the peace&mdash;except the alien ambassador has died just before showtime!</em></p>