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A Sense of Magick

Book 1 of The Other Realms Series

von Jordan Duff
Auflage 1. Auflage
252 Seiten; ab 9 Jahre
2019 Jordan Duff
ISBN 9780578571225

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<p>Ally finds the purpose in life she&rsquo;s been looking for since the mysterious death of her mother in an ancient book that names her as the next in a long line of saviors destined to save the world. Ally&rsquo;s mother and a dozen generations of grandmothers have protected this world from the terrible beasts in The Other Realms. Her newfound purpose wavers, however, when she meets Lucy, and The Book rewrites itself, burning a new story into its pages, labeling them both as savior.</p><p>Lucy is a half-Chinese, half-American orphan and the only other kid in town. She&rsquo;s outgoing, exuberant, and mostly dark-haired&mdash;everything Ally isn&rsquo;t. The Book refers to Lucy as &ldquo;the girl of the dark.&rdquo; Ally isn&rsquo;t sure if it is referring to the darkness of Lucy&rsquo;s hair or something lurking beneath. Lucy&rsquo;s easygoing personality and constant search for fun are infectious, and they become close friends.</p><p>The Book grants Ally the magical power of super senses to help defeat the beast that has already come through the portal between worlds. Along the way, they&rsquo;ll discover that the people who live in this tiny town already know about the prophecy and some are helping the beast steal life energy to take back to the other side. Ally&rsquo;s father refuses to help them despite understanding the danger they face, prompting Ally to question even his allegiance. Now the girl of the light and the girl of the dark have just three days to figure out how to defeat the beast and banish him back to The Other Realm with Ally&rsquo;s magical senses, newfound courage, the help of a rainbow-feathered owl, and a friendship as deep as sisters.</p>